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The First 100 Days
What should a progressive government implement?

Dave Prentis, Dr Diane Elson, Moussa Haddad, Howard Reed, Gemma Moss, Beccie Ions, Oliver Hayes, Dr Daniel Kenealy, Stewart Lansley, Professor Marjorie Mayo, Prof Nicole Busby, Omar Khan

In May 2015 a new progressive government could take office. Following one of the most unpredictable elections in decades, it will be a huge task to set down clear priorities that can begin to restore fairness and challenge inequalities in wealth and power. The first 100 days of the next government will determine not just the immediate changes that can be achieved, but the path of future progressive reforms.

This collection of essays from a selection of leading progressive thinkers brings together the priorities for achieving real change across a range of policy areas.

Contributions cover:

  • Restoring access to justice
  • Protecting public services
  • Defining a green agenda for government
  • Eradicating poverty
  • Investing in a future for young people
  • Implementing an equalities agenda
  • Restoring power to working people
  • Tackling Inequality
  • Transforming education
  • A plan for the economy
  • Reforming politics and representation

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