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A Social State for 2015


A Socia State for 2015December 2012 marks the 70th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, significant not only for its content but also for its context. In the midst of World War II, with a budget deficit and national debt that makes today’s look negligible, the Report laid the basis for the radical reforms introduced by the Labour Government in 1945.

Today, insecurity haunts the nation once again. Mass unemployment; a desperate homes crisis; the slashing of public services; an education system and health service gradually privatised; welfare benefits for the disabled drastically cut; redundancies and closures occurring on a daily basis; and living standards stagnating, or at worst falling, for those lucky enough to retain a job.

But there is an alternative

If war-time Britain could summon up the energy and hope to build a better world in 1945, this generation certainly can too. Seventy years ago the Beveridge Report announced the pursuit of a new settlement, one that would dramatically change the structure of Britain for the better. With this in mind, what can Beveridge’s analysis of society teach us about the Giant Evils of today and how can we use this to chart an alternative course for a welfare state - or Social State - fit for a new settlement in 2015?

Class are beginning this new project to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Beveridge Report and will launch a series of papers and articles looking at various aspects of a Social State over the next six months.




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