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New Class-YouGov poll released today shows that most people are not benefitting from the recovery

Class-YouGov poll - most are not feeling the benefit of economic recoveryA new poll by the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) / YouGov has revealed that almost 4 in 5 Britons feel they are not personally benefitting from the economic recovery.

The poll comes in the same week as official figures show the country’s GDP has grown at its fastest rate in three years, a development hailed by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne as evidence that the country is on “the path to prosperity."

But the poll found that almost 4 in 5 people do not feel that they personally are benefitting from this improvement in the economy, with more than 7 in 10 people who voted Conservative at the last election stating they are not benefiting, along with 8 in 10 people who voted Liberal Democrats.

The poll also found that 5 years on from the financial crisis, when levels of household debt are rising and a housing bubble looms over the economy, 65% of people are not confident that enough has been done to prevent a repeat of the financial crash of 2008.

The poll’s findings come in the same week as Class is holding its first policy conference featuring key figures in progressive politics, including Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee, Kevin Maguire and Len McCluskey. Class commissioned the poll to take the temperature of the nation five years after the banking bail out of 2008, and 500 days before the next general election.

The poll found a lack of faith in private sector control of public services, with 12 to 1 people against the NHS being run by the private sector.  67% in favour of Royal Mail being run in the public sector, 66% want railway companies to be nationalised, and 68% are in favour of nationalised energy companies.

The poll will be a boost for the Labour Party. Twice as many people see Ed Miliband (32%) as more on the side of working people than David Cameron (16%). However the poll also found that a greater number of people (38%) don’t see either leader as being on the side of working people, suggesting the Labour Party must go further to prove that claim.

The poll suggested support for Labour’s policy to freeze energy bills for 20 months, with 74% of people in favour of governments having the power to control energy prices. But the poll also suggested the public would like Labour to go further – nearly three quarters of people think the government should also control transport costs.

Click here to see the findings of the poll in full.