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Guide to conference sessions and debates

You can now download the guide to sessions and debates at Class Conference 2014 - What Britain Needs.

Guide to sessions and debates at Class conference 2014Get Involved

Whether or not you are able to make it on the day - we want to hear from you. Download the guide to debates ahead of the event to see what sort of issues the sessions will cover. You can download all of the Class papers mentioned for free from here.

For those not able to make it send your questions for speakers to or on Twitter using the hashtag #Qclassconf14. We will try to make sure as many are asked as possible.

After conference - send us your thoughts on the debates that took place and where you think we should go from here. Email

Guide to sessions and debates

Click here to download information on the main sessions:

  • The state of Britain: Challenging power and inequality
  • Policy pitch: For a winning manifesto
  • What Britain Needs: A vision for the future

And the breakout sessions:

  • Standing up for education - fighting for a fairer system
  • More than bricks and mortar - building homes and communities
  • Britain needs a payrise - how trade unions can deliver it
  • Tax justice at the heart of a fair economy
  • Why should I vote? How we reconnect with young people
  • A vision for the future of the NHS
  • Building our future economy - investing in jobs and green growth
  • Stand up to racism - challenging scapegoating and the far right
  • Renewing our welfare state - strong, proud and fair
  • Feminism's future - realising women’s equality
  • Tackling the failure of privatisation - the case for public ownership
  • Investing in our society - the potential for arts and culture

Full information, speakers and how to book your tickets can be found on the conference website.