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CLASS responds to Taylor review

Responding to the release of the Taylor review today, CLASS Director Dr Faiza Shaheen said:

“The Taylor Review is a missed opportunity to tackle the exploitation and insecurity faced by an increasing number of workers in the UK.

“Unstable incomes, weak or non-existent rights and an imbalance of power between workers and bosses makes the current gig economy unsustainable. Our public services are losing millions in tax through bogus self-employment, and workers can be left struggling to make ends meet if they get sick.

“We are particularly alarmed to see proposals for a new category of worker that would exchange sick pay for a weakening of minimum wage laws, even after recent legal wins against Uber gave workers entitlement to both sick pay and the minimum wage. It feels like a step backwards.

“The only sustainable approach to a rapidly changing world of work is strong trade unions to give workers a voice. We urgently need the introduction of sectoral collective bargaining, so that negotiated terms and pay apply to all workers in a sector.”


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