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Achieving a Social State

Listen to a podcast of the event in full here.

Organised in association with the LSE British Politics and Policy blog

Seventy years ago the Beveridge Report announced the pursuit of a new settlement, one that would dramatically change the structure of Britain for the better. With this in mind, a new project from Class looks at what Beveridge’s analysis of society can teach us about the Giant Evils of today and how can we use this to chart an alternative course for a welfare state - or Social State - fit for a new settlement in 2015.

This event at the London School of Economics brought together the experts working on Class's Social State project in a panel discussion on the themes and policy suggestions proposed in this series of work.


Project: A Social State for 2015

This project looks at policy priorities for 2015 Britain through the analysis of Beveridge’s five Giant Evils – want, idleness, ignorance, disease and squalor – plus a new Evil of ‘disunity’. This event will feature a panel discussion with some of the authors of the seven papers in this series: 

  1. Achieving a Social State: What can we learn from Beveridge's Giant Evils? - Zoe Williams
  2. Tackling squalor: The pivotal role of social housing - Duncan Bowie
  3. Abolishing want in a Social State: The economic benefits of generosity - Kate Bell
  4. Financing a Social State: Progressive taxation and the pursuit of full employment - Richard Murphy and Howard Reed
  5. Education policy for a new Social State settlement
  6. The last safety net? Putting health and the NHS centre-stage in a Social State - Prof Allyson Pollock and David Price
  7. The new Giant Evil of disunity: How collectivism and solidarity are fundamental to achieving the Social State - Prof Keith Ewing

LSE politics and policy blog recorded a podcast which you can listen to in full here.